About Me

I’m a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Department of Religious Studies and Classics at the University of Arizona. I specialize in early Christianity and the ancient Mediterranean. My research primarily concerns the creative, bizarre, even transgressive rewriting practices of early Christians. The focus of my current book project is how the Matthean and Lukan infancy narratives were rewritten by proto-orthodox Christians in the second century to include the idea that Jesus pre-existed, descended from heaven, and then was incarnated through virgin birth – as opposed to other early Christians who believed that Jesus was incarnated through birth, at baptism, or not at all. I’ve also published on the rewriting of Jesus tradition, Greco-Egyptian tradition, Plato’s Timaeus, and the book of Genesis in Sethian gnostic texts such as the Gospel of Judas and the Apocryphon of John. In the field of papyrology, my edition of a Roman soldier’s letter to his family was featured in national and international news. At the University of Arizona, I teach courses in Christianity and Culture, Abrahamic Religions, and Classics. Before moving to Tucson, I was a postdoctoral teaching fellow at Rice University, where I graduated with a PhD from the Department of Religion.

Thanks for visiting my personal website. Here is my CV: Grant Adamson curriculum vitae