Religious Studies and Classics, University of Arizona

3rd-year level: The Transformation of Society: Christianity in the Greco-Roman World (Spr 2018, F 2016)

3rd-year level: Christian Literature and Thought (Spr 2017, F 2016)

1st-year level: Judaism, Christianity, Islam: Abrahamic Religions (Spr 2018, F 2017, Spr 2017)

1st-year level: Christianity and Art (Spri 2018, F 2017, Spr 2017, F 2016)

1st-year level: Critical Concepts in Culture: Religion in Greco-Roman Society (F 2017)

Program in Writing and Communication, Rice University

1st-year level: Western Biblical Traditions – Jewish, Christian, and Islamic (Spr 2016)

1st-year level: Famous Fakes in Early Christian Literature (Spr 2016, F 2015, Spr 2015, F 2014)

1st-year level: The Five Gospels: How Were They Written? (F 2015)

1st-year level: Rewriting Creation: The Secret Book of John (F 2014)

Religion, Rice University

3rd-year level: Paul and the New Testament (F 2013)

3rd-year level: Jesus and the Gospels (Spr 2012)

3rd-year level: New Testament Writings (Spr 2011)

Honors College, University of Houston 

2nd-year level: Human Situation: Antiquity (F 2013)

Humanities, Classics, and Comparative Literature, Brigham Young University

2nd-year level: Intermediate Classical Greek (Summer 2008)

1st-year level: First-Year Classical Greek (F 2007)