Conference Papers

2017. “Justin Martyr on the Incarnation and Virgin Birth – A Cognitive Approach.” Annual meeting of the AAR/SBL, Boston, Massachusetts.

2016. “Solutions to Problems of Virgin Birth and Harmonization in the Protevangelium Jacobi.” Annual meeting of the AAR/SBL, San Antonio, Texas.

2015. “Christology and Cognitive Science: Incarnation through Virgin Birth in the Epistola Apostolorum.” Annual meeting of the AAR/SBL, Atlanta, Georgia.

2015. “‘I Turned away from the Temple:’ Sethian Counterculture in the Apocryphon of John.” Gnosticism, Esotericism, and Mysticism Collective Conference: Gnostic Counter Cultures, Rice University.

2013. “Thomas Paine and the Prophecy of Samuel the Lamanite.” Fourth biennial Faith and Knowledge Conference, Wesley Theological Seminary, Washington D.C.

2012. “Astrological Medicine as Craft and Gnosis: Gems and Other Amulets in Antiquity.” Rockwell Religious Studies Symposium: Crafting Knowledge, Rice University.

2011. “Descent of the Soul and the Interpretation of Genesis 1–3 among Jews, Christians, and Later Platonists.” Annual meeting of the AAR/SBL, San Francisco, California.

2010. “The Old Gods of Egypt, Iamblichus’ Hermetic Sources, and Eugnostos.” Rockwell Religious Studies Symposium: Hidden God, Hidden Histories, Rice University.

2009. “Fate Indelible: the Gospel of Judas as Horoscope.” Annual meeting of the AAR/SBL, New Orleans, Louisiana.

2008. “The Significance and Location of Bonner D.188.” Codex Judas Congress, Rice University.